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Equity and Inclusion Cabinet

We're advancing racial justice and social, economic, and health equity in the City of Boston.

Our cabinet actively works to align the City’s plans and policies through a unified equity lens. We want dismantle systemic policy and process barriers to advancement. We plan to put in place institutional change, both inside and outside of City Hall, through local and national partnerships.

Our goals are to:
  • Dismantle systemic barriers. We want to achieve racial, gender, health and socio-economic equality.
  • Develop a city workforce that is representative at all levels of the demographics of the City.
  • Support immigrant, refugee, and other vulnerable communities. We plan to promote public safety, quality of life, and human rights.
  • Support communities of color and marginalized groups across all departments. We will build equitable governmental structures.
  • Support coordinated efforts to drive forward equity throughout the City of Boston. This includes supporting the Boston Racial Equity Fund.
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